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Let me help you make your content delivery shine by engaging your audience beyond facts!

Yolanda Reischer Bohanec is a specialist in Content Creation & Content Management, and a Writer & Translator. She has a background in Marketing & Communication and Education & Linguistics, backed by 30+ years of international experience:



Content Management & Creation
Content Management & Creation
Want to increase brand visibility, credibility, and authority?

To stay ahead of your competitors and reach users in all buying stages, create content that adds value and stands out, even in niches with a strong content marketing presence. Couple that with local SEO to help your target audience find your website

  • Content- content that adds value and stands out in niches with a strong content marketing presence.
  • User Experience– deliver great user experience through the use of fonts, visuals, patterns & structure.
  • SEO – local SEO to improve local traffic, engagements, and conversions to lower customer acquisition costs.
  • Brand & Voice– unique work, different in scope and detail to make your brand and voice memorable


Email Management
Email Management
Want a cost-effective digital marketing strategy with one of the highest ROIs?

Contrasted with other digital marketing techniques, the significance of email marketing is unequaled. It’s an integral asset that organizations, from business-to-business (B2B) to business-to-buyer (B2C), can utilize. Utilize email showcasing to produce and support drives, decline stir rates, or lift rehash buys.

  • Personalization – Create more meaningful customer relationships
  • Engaging Experiences – Win potential customers and win back past customers
  • Engaging Contacts – Newsletters, a simple & cost-effective tool
  • A / B Testing – Gain valuable insight into your marketing efforts


Stories matter typed on typewriter.
Storytelling & content creation.
Want to improve your bottom line?

Engage your audience beyond facts through the power of story because decisions are not based solely on reason & logic and numbers are not memorable. Let customers see themselves as characters in your story, so they can embrace your product or service and experience the transformation you offer.

  • Emotion –decisions are made emotionally & rationalized backward
  • Attention – immersion creates empathy, even with an industry considered boring
  • Belief – transferring product knowledge makes the purchase a no-brainer
  • Memorability – messages delivered as stories are up to 22x more memorable

TRANSLATION from German & Spanish to English

US Flag on keyboard.
Want to ensure your communication channels remain transparent and open?

Provide effective translation that creates empathy by conveying the original text’s style and tone to a foreign reader with an inherent perception of cultural context.

  • Website translation – to boost revenue
  • Content translation – to reach a wider audience
  • Document translation – to make sure you get the information correct

PROOFREADING & EDITING for all things English

Want to increase customer satisfaction & loyalty?

Deliver correct, coherent, captivating content which allows customers to make informed decisions and purchases which meet their expectations.

  • Catch typographical and grammatical errors – to help you look good
  • Ensure brand consistency – to build trust and confidence in your products
  • Double-check for accuracy – to decrease product return rates

Let me know what your objectives are, and I’ll let you know how I can help.

I’ll evaluate your current strategy, help devise short- and long-term goals, as well as implement campaigns that will change the way your customers view your brand.

Have a little fun, and let me help you supercharge your buyer’s journey.

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