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Welcome to Vienna and Servus!

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Welcome to Vienna-The Multicultural Heart of Europe!

Vienna is a city layered with a rich multicultural history, formed by a diverse migrant population. It lies placidly on the Danube, a cultural giant waiting to be discovered, savored, and relished. Her history is omnipresent. You can hear it woven into the Viennese dialect. Read it in the surnames engraved on apartment doorbells. Taste it simmered into the local cuisine. Feel it in the different musical rhythms to which the city hums.

People & Culture

This website is dedicated to the many people that reside and have resided in this cosmopolitan city. It showcases the intercontinental layers that create the cultural fabric of this ever-expanding metropolis.

Our soon-to-launch podcast, Vienna Speaks Out, features different Viennese residents and begs the question: what is “ein echte Wiener”?


If the term “ein echte Wiener” sounds foreign, watch out for our upcoming post on Why German is not always German! We will also reveal the most important thing you need to do before moving to Vienna. Or, at the latest, once you have arrived.

German is the common language that separates the Germans and the Austrians.
-Karl Kraus

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