Experience a Traditional Vienna Christmas: Join the Expat Tree Cutting Adventure- 15. Dec.

Experience a Traditional Vienna Christmas: Join the Expat Tree Cutting Adventure- 15. Dec.

Traditional Christmas Tree Cutting Vienna – The Multicultural & Expat Event

Imagine a crisp winter morning in Vienna, the air filled with the scent of pine and the sound of laughter. This is the essence of traditional Christmas tree cutting, a cherished practice that brings people closer to nature and to each other during the festive season.

Organized by Angelika Brenner Cecerle of CLUB MELANGE for Expats & Locals, this event promises a unique and authentic Christmas experience in the heart of Austria. Set to take place on December 15th, 2023. It offers a perfect opportunity for expats to immerse themselves in a beloved Viennese tradition.

Why Attend the Traditional Christmas Tree Cutting?

Attending a traditional Christmas tree cutting event in Vienna is not just about getting a tree; it’s about experiencing a slice of authentic Austrian culture. For expats, this event is a gateway to understanding the deep-rooted traditions of the Viennese Christmas. It’s an opportunity to step away from the commercialized aspect of the holiday and rediscover the joy and simplicity of a tradition that has been cherished for generations.

Choosing Your Own Tree

When you select your own Christmas tree, it’s more than just picking out a holiday decoration. It’s a journey into the forest, where each tree tells a story. The feeling of walking among the pines, the sound of the saw cutting through the wood, and the scent of fresh pine – these are moments that stay with you. As someone who has been part of this tradition for years, I can say that the tree you bring home is more than just a tree; it’s a collection of memories made during its selection.

Cozy Atmosphere

The post-tree cutting gathering is a hallmark of this experience. Imagine standing around a fire, warming your hands with a cup of hot Glühwein, sharing stories with fellow expats and locals alike. It’s a moment where the spirit of community shines brightest. The laughter, the sharing of different holiday traditions, and the aroma of freshly roasted chestnuts – this cozy atmosphere is what makes the experience truly unforgettable. This is what Austrians call “Gemütlichkeit”!

Outdoor Preparation Tips

As someone who’s experienced the chill of a Viennese winter, I can’t stress enough the importance of proper attire for this event. Warm, waterproof boots, layers of clothing, hat and gloves are essential. Bundling up can make your experience more comfortable. Remember, being well-prepared means you can focus on enjoying the experience without the distraction of the cold.

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Event Details

When and Where

Date: December 15, 2023

Time: 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM CET.

Location: Schottenhof 5 Amundsenstraße 1140 Wien

Get More Details and Reserve a Spot Here

Limited Availability

The event’s limited availability makes it exclusive and personal. It’s a commercial activity and an intimate gathering that fosters real connections. This exclusivity also ensures that each participant gets a genuine experience without the rush and hustle often seen in larger events.

Registration Information

For those interested, prompt registration is crucial. I’ve seen many people disappointed because they waited too long. The registration process is simple, and securing your spot early means you can look forward to the event without the anxiety of missing out.

Cost Details

The event is free of charge, offering everyone a chance to partake in this unique experience without any upfront fee. However, if you choose to take home a tree, the cost is €30 per meter for your selected Christmas tree. Additionally, tree stands are available for purchase at €9 each, ensuring your tree is displayed safely and beautifully in your home. While the event and the joy of tree selection are complimentary, participants have the option to purchase hot drinks and refreshments on-site, adding to the cozy and festive atmosphere.

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The Charm of Vienna’s Christmas Traditions

From the historical Christmas markets to the melodies of classical Christmas concerts, Vienna during Christmas is like stepping into a different era. The city’s traditions are not just about celebration but also about preserving a rich cultural heritage that is integral to the Viennese identity.

Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Expats

Engaging in outdoor activities, like tree cutting, can significantly enhance the expat experience. It’s not just about the activity itself, but also about building a sense of community, fostering cultural exchange, and creating lasting memories.

What to Expect on the Day of the Event

From the moment of arrival to the final sip of hot punch, this section will provide a detailed timeline of the event. It will describe the activities planned for the day, including the tree selection process and the social gathering afterward.

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This unique Christmas tree cutting experience is more than just an event; it’s a doorway into the heart of Viennese Christmas traditions. We invite you to join us and create your own special memories this festive season.

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What makes Vienna’s Christmas tree cutting tradition special?

Vienna’s Christmas tree cutting tradition is special due to its unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and communal joy. Set against the backdrop of Vienna’s stunning winter landscapes, this tradition offers a rare opportunity to connect with nature in its purest form. The act of choosing and cutting your own tree is a hands-on experience that brings the true essence of Christmas to life. It’s not just about the tree; it’s about the experience of being in the forest, surrounded by the tranquility of nature, and the sense of community that comes from participating in a shared tradition. This tradition is deeply rooted in Austrian culture, symbolizing the start of the festive season and reminding us of the simple joys of life.

How can expats fully engage in local traditions during the Christmas season in Vienna?

Expats can fully engage in local traditions during the Christmas season in Vienna by actively participating in a variety of cultural and community events. Attending the traditional Christmas tree cutting is a great start. Additionally, visiting the iconic Christmas markets in Vienna, such as the one in front of Schönbrunn Palace or Rathausplatz, allows expats to experience the festive atmosphere, taste local delicacies, and purchase traditional Austrian handicrafts. Participating in Advent concerts, exploring the city’s beautifully decorated streets, and attending a Christmas Eve service in one of Vienna’s historic churches can also provide deeper cultural insights. Engaging with locals, learning about Austrian Christmas customs, and embracing the festive spirit are key to a meaningful expat experience during this special time of year.

What other outdoor winter activities are available for expats in Vienna?

Vienna offers a wide range of outdoor winter activities that are ideal for expats looking to explore more of the city and its surroundings. Ice skating is a popular pastime, with several outdoor rinks such as the one at Wiener Eistraum offering a picturesque skating experience. For nature enthusiasts, the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald) provide excellent opportunities for winter hiking and wildlife spotting. Those willing to travel a bit can enjoy skiing or snowboarding in the nearby Semmering or Stuhleck ski resorts. Additionally, Vienna hosts various winter festivals and markets that offer a lively outdoor experience. Snowshoeing, tobogganing, and cross-country skiing are also available in the outskirts of Vienna, providing a peaceful escape into the snow-covered landscapes.


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