“Viennese Unraveled!” Mini-Podcast

Our mini-podcast, “Viennese Unraveled!” airs in mid-2023.

Listen and learn how to decipher the Viennese dialect.

Sprichst du Wienerisch? If not, make sure to subscribe to our mini-podcast “Viennese Unraveled!” with Professor Toni, for helpful tips on making sense of the Viennese dialect.

So, you’ve brushed up your German. Possibly you’re fluent, or perhaps German’s actually your mother tongue. But if you are off to Vienna, you’ll need to get familiar with the Viennese dialect. 

Trust me when I say, “German is not always German.” And unless you’ve acquired the gift of Austrian gab in and around Vienna, your German and or your English will only get you so far! There are no two ways about it. You need to dive into the Viennese dialect.

In our mini-podcast, “Viennese Unraveled!”, Professor Toni will help you make sense of this unique but melodic dialect. Pretty soon, unfamiliar sounds will ring with meaning. Although you may most likely never truly sound like a local, I guarantee you will be able to understand the Viennese better. 

Soon you’ll be conversing with the locals on (nearly) equal terms, perhaps coax a few smiles, and maybe even win a few hearts. At the very least, you’ll be able to communicate a tad more fluently and a bit more confidently.

Coming soon – Dialect Cheat Sheets

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