Staying Ahead of the Game with AR Tools in Austria

Staying Ahead of the Game with AR Tools in Austria

Austrian AR Sales Tools:

Part 3 — How Austrian Companies are Using AR Tools for Sales Success. Unleash the power of Augmented Reality. Explore Vienna’s market and stay ahead of the game.

Welcome to the third part of our six-part series exploring the power of Augmented Reality (AR) in the sales industry. In the first two parts, we discussed why AR has become a game-changer for sales and how Austrian companies are using this technology to boost sales growth.

This post will look at the standard AR tools companies can leverage to create unique and interactive customer experiences. We will explore the most common AR tools for sales, including AR apps and software, AR headsets, and mobile AR technology. And how companies in Austria and beyond use them to enhance their sales strategy and create memorable customer experiences.

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Common AR tools for sales

As Augmented Reality (AR) continues to gain popularity in the world of sales and marketing, businesses are constantly searching for unique and innovative ways to incorporate this technology into their strategies. One way to implement AR is through various tools and technologies that can make the process more seamless and efficient.

AR Apps and Software

One of the most accessible and affordable ways to incorporate AR into sales is through AR apps and software. These tools allow businesses to create immersive and interactive customer experiences without expensive hardware or specialized training.

Examples of AR apps and software include Aurasma, Blippar, and ZapWorks, which allow businesses to create AR content and experiences for various platforms, such as smartphones and tablets.

Austrian AR Sales Tools:

companies in AR apps and software development include:

  1. Wikitude: Wikitude is an AR technology provider that offers a platform for creating and managing AR experiences. They are based in Salzburg, Austria, and have worked with numerous clients in various industries.
  2. ViewAR: ViewAR is an AR software company that provides a platform for creating and publishing AR experiences. They are based in Graz, Austria, and have worked with clients in the furniture, fashion, and automotive industries.

Austrian companies using AR apps to enhance the sales process:

  1. Zumtobel Group: Zumtobel Group, an Austrian lighting company based in Dornbirn, uses AR technology to provide customers with an interactive and immersive experience when exploring its products. By using AR to visualize lighting fixtures and their effects in different environments, Zumtobel hopes to help customers better understand the potential of its products and drive sales growth.
  2. ZKW Group: ZKW Group is an automotive lighting company based in Wieselburg, Austria. They use AR software to help customers visualize their lighting products in different vehicles before purchasing.
  3. Hartlauer: Hartlauer is an Austrian company that specializes in optics, electronics, and photography products. The company uses AR technology to allow customers to try on and compare different glasses frames virtually. By simply using their smartphone or tablet, customers can view and try on different frames without physically trying them on in-store. The app also provides information on the features and specifications of each frame, allowing customers to make more informed purchase decisions.
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AR Headsets

AR headsets are wearable devices that enable users to view and interact with digital content in the real world. These headsets are typically used in more advanced AR applications such as product design and engineering, but they can also be used in sales and marketing to create immersive customer experiences.

Examples of AR headsets include Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap One, and Google Glass Enterprise.

Austrian AR Sales Tools:

Austrian companies in AR headsets development include:

  1. Tractive: Tractive, a company based in Upper Austria, produces an AR headset for pet owners to track their pet’s location and activities in real-time and view information on their pet’s health and well-being.
  2. Blue Danube Robotics: Blue Danube Robotics, based in Vienna, produces an AR headset for industrial automation and robotics, enabling workers to visualize and interact with machines and processes in real-time.
  3. Hololight: Hololight, based in Innsbruck, is an AR software and headset developer that specializes in creating enterprise-level solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.

Austrian companies using AR headsets to enhance the sales process:

  1. Voestalpine AG: This steel and technology company based in Upper Austria uses AR headsets to enhance their welding and assembly processes, providing workers with 3D visualizations and digital instructions.
  2. Lohmann & Rauscher: Lohmann & Rauscher is a medical device and healthcare company based in Vienna, Austria. They use AR headsets to assist with training and education for their medical products.
  3. BMW Group Austria: This car manufacturer uses AR headsets to provide their technicians with real-time repair instructions and digital overlays, enhancing the speed and accuracy of their work.
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Mobile AR Technology

Mobile AR technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it allows businesses to leverage the power of AR without the need for specialized hardware or software. Mobile AR apps such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat were among the first to demonstrate how AR can engage users and create memorable experiences.

Mobile AR technology is behind various sales and marketing applications, such as allowing customers to try on virtual clothes or visualize furniture in their homes.

Austrian AR Sales Tools:

Austrian companies in mobile AR technology development include:

  1. Imagination Computer Services GesmbH: Imagination Computer Services GesmbH is an IT company based in Graz, Austria. They offer mobile AR solutions for various industries, including healthcare and education.
  2. CraftAR: CraftAR is an AR technology provider based in Spain with a subsidiary in Vienna, Austria. They offer a mobile AR platform for creating and managing AR experiences.

Austrian companies using mobile AR technology to enhance the sales process:

  1. Österreichische Post AG: Österreichische Post AG is Austria’s national postal service provider. They use mobile AR technology to enhance their direct mail marketing campaigns and engage customers.
  2. Gösser: Gösser is a brewery and beer brand based in Leoben, Austria. They use mobile AR technology to enhance product packaging and engage customers through interactive experiences.


AR tools and technologies are becoming increasingly important in sales and marketing. AR apps and software, AR headsets, and mobile AR technology are just a few examples of the many tools available to businesses looking to incorporate AR into their strategies. By using these tools, companies can create immersive and interactive experiences for their customers, driving engagement and ultimately increasing sales.

Don’t miss out on valuable insights into how Austrian companies are leveraging AR technology for sales growth. Have a look at our other posts in this series now!

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