How Augmented Reality Technology Is Revolutionizing the Sales Process in Austria

How Augmented Reality Technology Is Revolutionizing the Sales Process in Austria

Augmented Reality Technology in Austria

Part 2 — Austrian Companies are effectively using Augmented Reality Technology to enhance the Sales Process

This post is part 2 of series, which looks at the innovative ways companies in Vienna are using augmented reality (AR) to drive sales. 

This series provides a more in-depth understanding of the potential of AR in sales and how it can revolutionize how businesses engage with customers to increase conversion.

In Part 2, we will look at how companies in Vienna use AR to Enhance the Sales Process.

How AR Enhances the Sales Process

Augmented reality (AR) has radically changed the way businesses approach sales. AR has changed the game by erasing limitations on creating immersive, personalized experiences to drive sales growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase conversion rates. By allowing customers to interact with products in new and unique ways, AR has become a powerful ally in the sales industry.

Let’s look at three ways in which companies are using AR to enhance the sales process:

  • AR product visualization & customization
  • AR product demonstrations
  • AR-powered customer service and support

Each method offers unique benefits to help businesses drive sales growth and provide a superior customer experience. Read on to learn more about how AR is transforming the sales process.

AR Product Visualization and Customization

Augmented reality (AR)product visualization and customization are two of the most significant benefits of AR in the sales process. With AR, businesses can provide customers with a visual representation of how products will look in their environment. This feature enhances customer experience and satisfaction by reducing the risk of purchasing an item that may not fit or match their home decor. By using AR product visualization and customization, businesses can provide customers with a unique shopping experience that builds trust and increases brand loyalty.

woman floating inwater
Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash


Vöslauer, an Austrian mineral water brand, launched an AR-powered app called “Vöslaura.”

The Vöslaura app is designed to enhance the experience of drinking Vöslauer mineral water by using Augmented reality technology to bring the packaging to life. The app uses AR technology to allow customers to visualize and customize their own Vöslauer bottles. By scanning a Vöslauer bottle or can with their phone’s camera, customers can unlock a range of AR features, including 3D animations, games, and educational content.

Customers can scan a Vöslauer bottle to reveal a 3D animation of water droplets emerging from the bottle and forming the Vöslauer logo. Customers can also play AR games, such as a soccer game to shoot the ball into the Vöslauer bottle or a puzzle game to match different Vöslauer flavors.

One specific feature allows customers to create unique and customized product designs. Customers can select from a range of bottle template designs. They can add personalized text and graphics to create a unique bottle design that suits their style. This feature exemplifies how AR can enhance customer experience by allowing product personalization to increase sales.

The Vöslaura app also includes educational content that teaches users about the benefits of drinking mineral water and the history of Vöslauer. The app also offers personalized content based on user preferences and behaviors.

The Vöslaura app is a unique and innovative way for Vöslauer to engage with its customers and enhance their experience of drinking mineral water. The app uses AR technology to provide users with interactive and immersive content that goes beyond traditional marketing methods.

AR Product Demonstrations

AR product demonstrations allow businesses to showcase their products interactively and engagingly. With AR, companies can create virtual product demonstrations enabling customers to explore developments in detail, including their features, benefits, and use cases. This feature is convenient for businesses selling complex or technical developments, as it allows customers to understand the product’s value proposition in a more tangible and accessible way. By using AR product demonstrations, businesses can increase customer engagement, build trust, and create an emotional connection with their products.

origami birds
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Mondi is a multinational Austrian-based packaging and paper company offering various products, including bags and pouches. Mondi is using AR technology to enhance their product demonstrations. With Mondi’s AR app, customers can view their products in 3D and visualize how they would look in a real-life setting. They can also customize the colors and patterns of the products to create a more personalized experience. Using AR product demonstrations, Mondi can provide a more interactive and engaging customer experience, increasing sales.

Mondi’s AR technology allows customers to scan a product’s packaging with their mobile device to access a range of features such as product information, videos, animations, and interactive elements. For example, customers can scan a product’s packaging to see a 3D model of the item selected, view its technical specifications, or watch a video demonstrating its use.

In addition to enhancing product information, Mondi’s Augmented reality technology provides customers with a more engaging and interactive experience. For instance, Mondi’s AR technology allows customers to visualize how a product would look in their environment by using their phone’s camera to superimpose the product image onto a real-life setting.

Mondi’s AR technology is not only used to enhance product information and customer experience, but also to support sustainability initiatives. For example, Mondi has developed an AR-enabled recycling guide that allows customers to scan their packaging to learn about the materials used, how to recycle them, and how to reduce waste.

Overall, Mondi’s use of AR technology in its packaging solutions and customer experience is a creative and innovative way to provide value to its customers and support its sustainability initiatives. By leveraging AR technology, Mondi can offer its customers a more engaging and informative experience while promoting environmental responsibility.

AR-Powered Customer Service and Support

AR-powered customer service and support is another powerful tool companies can use to enhance sales. With AR, companies can provide their customers real-time, personalized support, including troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance assistance. AR-powered customer service and support can help businesses increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and build long-term customer relationships.

Austrian Airlines jet
Photo by Jan Rosolino on Unsplash

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines, Austria’s flag carrier airline, has implemented augmented reality (AR) technology in several ways to enhance its customer experience.

One way Austrian Airlines uses AR technology is through its mobile app, which allows users to scan their boarding pass to access a range of features such as flight information, boarding gate location, and travel updates. Additionally, Austrian Airlines has developed an AR feature that allows users to scan the tailfin of an Austrian Airlines plane to reveal a 3D animation of the plane and access more information about the aircraft and its history.

Another way Austrian Airlines is using AR technology is through its cabin crew training program. Austrian Airlines uses AR technology to create virtual simulations of aircraft cabin scenarios, allowing trainees to practice responding to situations in a realistic and interactive environment. This feature helps to improve the quality and effectiveness of the airline’s training program while reducing the costs and time associated with traditional training methods.

Moreover, Austrian Airlines has also used AR technology to create a virtual tour of its aircraft cabins, allowing customers to explore and visualize the seating and amenities available on their flights. The AR tour provides customers with a more engaging and informative experience, helping them make more informed decisions when choosing their seats and travel options.

Overall, Austrian Airlines’ AR technology is a creative and innovative way to enhance its customer experience and improve its training programs. By leveraging AR technology, Austrian Airlines can offer its customers more engaging and informative experiences, while also improving the quality and effectiveness of its training programs.

Higher Sales Conversion Rates

AR’s ability to enhance the sales process ultimately leads to higher conversion rates. By providing customers with personalized, immersive experiences, businesses can build trust, create emotional connections, and differentiate themselves from competitors. Studies have shown that companies that use AR in their sales process can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. By leveraging AR technology, businesses can drive sales growth and create a competitive advantage.

AR has become a powerful tool in the sales industry, enabling businesses to create immersive, personalized experiences that drive sales growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase sales conversion rates. By using AR product visualization and customization, AR product demonstrations, AR-powered customer service and support, and leveraging AR technology to increase sales conversion rates, businesses can take their sales process from visualization to conversion and drive growth.

As AR technology evolves, we can expect more businesses to use it to transform the sales industry. AR technology can increase customer engagement, enhance product visualization and customization, improve customer experience and satisfaction, and ultimately lead to higher sales conversion rates. By integrating AR into their sales strategy, businesses can create a more immersive and personalized shopping experience to drive growth and improve customer satisfaction.

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