Where true Viennese, Multiculturals & Ex-Pats meet

Where true Viennese, Multiculturals & Ex-Pats meet

Falling in love with Vienna, its people, culture, language & lifestyle

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Understanding a new culture is exciting, but can also be overwhelming. No worries, we have the keys to help you unlock Vienna. Whether you are visiting or relocating, we'll help you make Vienna feel like home. Have a look at our helpful tools below.

Vienna in 90: Insights from The Multicultural

Vienna Travel Podcast “Vienna in 90: Insights from The Multicultural” is a captivating podcast that offers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of Vienna, Austria. Each episode lasts between 90 seconds to 4...
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Our Newsletter: The Multicultural

The Multicultural Newsletter: Discover Vienna, the Heart of Europe! Revel in the beauty of expat & multicultural living while exploring Vienna, the heart of Europe, with The Multicultural, your guide on this extraordinary journey to...
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Where Expats, Multiculturals and True Viennese meet up and get to know each other.

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From An Expat’s View: Celebrating Advent in Vienna’s Cultural Melting Pot

Understanding Advent Traditions as an Expat.   Touch the heart of Vienna's Advent traditions by discovering and appreciating the cultural significance of Advent in Vienna....

Embracing Gratitude in November

Finding Happiness and Health in Thankfulness The crisp air of November ushers in a season of gratitude in Vienna as leaves fall from trees...

Enchanting Our Daily World: Art, Tradition, and Kindness

Rediscovering the Magic in the Mundane The Alchemy of Everyday Life In a world that often feels rushed and mundane, it’s easy to overlook...

Vienna’s Advent Secrets: Traditions Unveiled – Embracing Local Customs

Uncover the essence of Vienna’s Advent traditions. Learn to deeply engage with local customs and celebrate this festive time in true Viennese style. Did you know Vienna’s Advent season is not just about markets and mulled wine? There’s a rich legacy of traditions waiting to be explored. Vienna during Advent is …

Experience a Traditional Vienna Christmas: Join the Expat Tree Cutting Adventure- 15. Dec.

Traditional Christmas Tree Cutting Vienna – The Multicultural & Expat Event Imagine a crisp winter morning in Vienna, the air filled with the scent of pine and the sound of laughter. This is the essence of traditional Christmas tree cutting, a cherished practice that brings people closer to nature and …

Discover the Art of Austrian Christmas Cookies: A Unique Baking Workshop in Vienna 15. Dec.

Austrian Christmas Cookie Baking Workshop: December 15, 2023 Austrian Christmas cookies, an integral part of the festive season, are more than just treats; they are a piece of cultural heritage. Imagine the aroma of freshly baked Vanillekipferl, the delicate texture of Rumkugerl, and the sweet allure of Linzeraugen. This year, …

Mastering the Art of Nussschnaps: A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting Your Own Traditional Walnut Liqueur

A Glimpse into the World of Nussschnaps Cultural Significance of Nussschnaps and Surrounding Regions Nussschnaps is more than a mere spirit; it is a rich blend of history and craftsmanship.  This exquisite walnut liqueur, deeply rooted in the European tradition, invites us on a journey through time, showcasing its evolution …

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